Abstract Plus Pop Equals Kitsch

This is what happens when I mixed abstract art with pop art. It’s a burst of colors with recognizable shapes that in my opinion created some sort of kitsch art.

The abstract art intent to not represent images of our everyday world has left to color, lines and shapes (form) to do the creative job of designing an openness of what the art piece means to the eyes of the beholder.

In the case of these oil pastels, the introduction of advertising and comic book figures has created something that I did not expected: a silly and a pleasant piece of art.

The movement of lines, the use of dynamic shapes and the use of bright colors created an imagery that emphasize the banal and the kitsch.

The false consciousness of the kitsch is created by plundering the formulas that seek to imitate the recognizable conventions of art that were created in the past, in this case, conventions of what art should be: to inspire, to uplift and to deepen the philosophical views of the beholder.

At first the art created only provide a false beauty to be admired and to be hang in a wall for our personal pleasure, but in a much deeper though, the mix of art inspire, uplift and deepen us, the beholder, to question: if art represents the moment, our moment, what happened to this moment?

I believe art should be created to bring beauty and to make people think, and in this case, the oil pastels made me think of what I’ve created and what I want to convey, that is: to inspire, to uplift and to deepen our views about the world.

I hope you enjoyed this article and the pastels I created, because more will come.

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