Nude Art?


What is nude art? Nude art it’s not porn and it’s not an erotica voyage to the senses.

Being nude also is not the carnal implications of physical desire and is not the selling of the body for sexual intercourse.

Nude art is the appreciation of aesthetic and is the best representation of beaux art can be. Beaux art is beauty, beaux art is fine art.

The ideas of what nude is, changed and will change through time. But one thing is still unchangeable about nude and is the fact that nude simply is. A nude body is a body wearing no clothes while a naked body is a body with a meaning of being nude acknowledged by a state of mind and of a gaze. Naked is also the unprotected and the vulnerable body.

In the beginning the body was not naked, it simply was and still is. Being nude and being naked is pure honesty because it shows who a person really is, aesthetically, and is the pure freedom from the constrains of society portrayed and motivated by fashion.

Nude is not taboo, nude simply is.

Poster designed by Raphael Melis. Photo and photographer unknown.

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  1. browncomicart · July 3, 2017

    Reblogged this on brownscomicart and commented:
    Very Excellent Point! Nudity is Art!

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