Abstract Plus Pop Equals Kitsch

This is what happens when I mixed abstract art with pop art. It’s a burst of colors with recognizable shapes that in my opinion created some sort of kitsch art.

The abstract art intent to not represent images of our everyday world has left to color, lines and shapes (form) to do the creative job of designing an openness of what the art piece means to the eyes of the beholder.

In the case of these oil pastels, the introduction of advertising and comic book figures has created something that I did not expected: a silly and a pleasant piece of art.

The movement of lines, the use of dynamic shapes and the use of bright colors created an imagery that emphasize the banal and the kitsch.

The false consciousness of the kitsch is created by plundering the formulas that seek to imitate the recognizable conventions of art that were created in the past, in this case, conventions of what art should be: to inspire, to uplift and to deepen the philosophical views of the beholder.

At first the art created only provide a false beauty to be admired and to be hang in a wall for our personal pleasure, but in a much deeper though, the mix of art inspire, uplift and deepen us, the beholder, to question: if art represents the moment, our moment, what happened to this moment?

I believe art should be created to bring beauty and to make people think, and in this case, the oil pastels made me think of what I’ve created and what I want to convey, that is: to inspire, to uplift and to deepen our views about the world.

I hope you enjoyed this article and the pastels I created, because more will come.

Art Pieces From The Past And Present

Before my days in the Army and in college I was creating art in Brazil. Was not making money out of it, but I was still creating for arts for a near future.

The future is now.

I am an abstract artist simply because I am a sucker for abstract art. But that doesn’t mean I can move back to Naturalism, Impressionism or other.

As an abstract painter I like sometimes to go and stay in the border line between Abstract and Figurative.

The “splash image” and below are the works created on my “Brazilian Phase” and the last four pieces presented on this blog are the Expressionism work created recently for a future show in which I still have to find a gallery to represent me and help me sell those magnificent pieces that I have created.


The Expressionism Phase


Abstract art is modern art which does not represent images of our everyday world. It has color, lines and shapes (form), but they are not intended to represent objects or living things. Often the artists were influenced by ideas and philosophies. Abstract art is found in painting and in sculpture.

Expressionism is a modernist movement, initially in poetry and painting, originating in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. Its typical trait is to present the world solely from a subjective perspective, distorting it radically for emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas.

My Art Statement is My Manifesto

Finally I translated my Manifesto for the 21st Century, a manifesto in which I will live by and create art and design for this century. Below is the final and important part of my manifesto found on my blog “Manifesto das Artes para o Seculo 21”.

“So, let’s end the control of the illusion and take the reins of our lives as free man and be aware of our presence in this world. To live the true real and to abdicate the illusion is what I proclaim. And how to do it? Simple:

1. Courage and daring to create art without the power of the influence of illusion;
2. To reject illusionism in favor of realism;
3. Be a craftsman to create the real beauty that is imperfect and true;
4. Imperfection is also beautiful;
5. Educate through the real and not through the illusion;
6. To reject consumerism when it comes to destroy the real world in which we live;
7. Narrate, criticize and point out the rights and wrongs;
8. Draw art that comes from the own conscious and not from a commissioned research;
9. Draw art that reflects the human spirit and not the industrial spirit;
10. Embrace the green and make it part of human life;
11. Use the elements of shapes, lines and colors in their functional form for the advent of education, quality and for the global-social protection;
12. To embrace the art considered as ill-designed for its illusion and to make it real, beautiful and imperfect as it is.

Designers, artists, architects, sculptors, dancers, actors and narrators, we must all produce the real and abdicate the illusion. Let us make the audience to be aware of its surroundings and more educated about the current realities of our world, and thus more than anything, make this world a better place to live.

Live long Realism! Down the illusion!”

I’ve Found My Logos Exercise

I thought I’ve lost the files of my logo exercises. Since I’m too lazy to write what each logo represent, for what companies the logo was made, and what type of industry is for, I will let the reader decide that.

If I did a good job, the reader will know the answers, if not…I’ll get better next time.

Posters for PTSD Awareness

These are posters created for the PTSD Combat Related Awareness. Combat PTSD it’s been around since the dawn of times and the first account was recorded by Herodotus at the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC.

The images used for the posters are war painting mainly created by Otto Dix and Jacques Louis David. Two paintings used for the PTSD CRA are from painters unknown to me and a movie scene from “Wrath of Titans” of 2012.

If by any chance you, the reader, recognize one of the artist’s paintings unknown to me, please post the names on the comments below for further corrections on this blog.

Important: These posters are a creative exercise and a fine art piece of the artist. No copyright infringement intended.

IED Road – Behind the Scene

The set of work created is inspired by the German Expressionist Movement from the beginning of the 20th Century. As a war art it does not emphasized the horrors of war but it does emphasizes the mood of the times.

Copper Etching

And the acrylic paintings.